Optimising a dot.net solution on the SQL platform

I went to the SQLSaturday #267 – Lisbon 2014 which had a lot of great sessions whereas I would like to share one of the talks that I enjoyed the most: “Optimising a dot.net solution on the SQL platform” by Bob Duffy. Here’s a brief summary of its content:

In this case study we will take a sample dot.net ecommerce application running in a load test harness and show common performance worst practices, how to correct them and the impact on performance. During a series of live demos we aim to test just how far we can optimise transactional processing.This session is aimed to help developers and DBA’s understand the performance impact of choices made within a dot.net application and its interaction with SQL Server.

Even though I did not manage to get the exact video of the session, I managed to find a very similar one that Bob gave for SQLugSWE. Here is the video (sound quality not great, but bearable):