The “Program & Conquer” Blog

I’m a computer programmer passionate about technology. I find it fascinating to be able to create web pages/programs/apps that might enhance people’s daily life – the sky is the limit and there is always room for one more great idea.

I try to keep up with the technology pace because technology is always changing. What was a great technology stack when I started my professional career, years ago, is now considered pretty much obsolete. On my way to work I really enjoy listening to a tech podcast. Not only does this set my mind into a code mood, but I also get the opportunity to learn new stuff.

Besides programming, I love to play computer games, which had great influence in choosing my professional career as developer. As you might have guessed the blog name Program&Conquer is a play on words between the phenomenal game «Command & Conquer: Red Alert» (which happened to be the very first multiplayer game I experienced) and a meaning that I actually believe to be true – with programming and hard work you will definitely be able to achieve great accomplishments.

Music is another interest of mine. I find playing the guitar a great way to clear my head of all the programming geeky stuff, and just relax. It’s also a very good social activity, playing with friends for friends. My most recent musical acquisition was a drum set, which has been another great way to relief from all daily stress.

In this blog I pretend to share some of my experiences with new technologies I might be playing with, or some resources that may come in handy in the future – at least for me 😉